Interior of 1st Church

The history of St. Peter Claver is a long and notable one. Its story is one of dedication and sacrifice by a people whose faith has been nurtured and flourished in the face of Adversity.

St. Peter Claver Church  of Ridge was not in existence when the Black Catholics attended Mass at various churches in the county. St. Peter emerged and blossomed  from what was for nearly twenty years as part of St. Michael’s Church in Ridge, Maryland. The stately church building, that stands today is the second St. Peter Claver Church and plays a important part in the history and development of St.Mary’s County. 

The church property, which included an elementary school, rectory, a high school and church building was purchased in 1913. Dedication of the first St. Peter Claver Church occurred in 1917. The new church  was dedicated to St. Peter Claver, the saint who spent a lifetime working for the good of the African American.

Interior of 2nd Church

St. Peter Claver Church maintains its position as the Holy Church on the Hill for the community. The parish boasts more than 350 registered families. With a committed pastor, and a devoted and strong faith-filled community, St. Peter Claver intends to continue its good work well into the next century.